(NFLWP) is an invitation only  NFL Football pool. Begun in 1999 as a way for a few friends to have a little fun during football season, NFLWP has evolved into what today is a full fledged website complete with yearly stats, a message board, and the very prestigious Hall of Legends! Those who are invited to participate each year have repeatedly stated that being a part of NFLWP has allowed them to enjoy football more than ever before. Not to say that NFLWP is better than any other pool, but several differences do set NFLWP apart from most other football pools:

  • There is no money involved in NFLWP. You may think that with no money involved, why would anyone participate? BRAGGING RIGHTS! With no risk of losing money, those involved with NFLWP are comfortable enough to kid with each other and cut-up with out that sick feeling others get after losing their week's pay. (See update below)
  • Without the pressure and stress that betting can bring, our top leaders are consistently able to make good decisions and therefore make good picks throughout the season year after year.

  • Where else can you find Royalty in the States?

  • We offer a weekly goal called the Hall of Fame!

  • And last but not least, 3 little words that can make a grown man cry - Hall of Shame!

So what is this webpage all about? Well NFL Football of course, but from our point of view the season's always better with!

UPDATE - To celebrate our 10th Anniversary we have added a little incentive for those chosen few who have the opportunity to be a part of NFLWP: