To celebrate the 10th anniversary of (NFLWP) and to honor the memory of Calvin Parrish, father of Ken Parrish and grandfather (Papaw) of many of the members of NFLWP, the Calvin Parrish Memorial Trophy was unveiled Christmas Day, 2008.

bulletThe figures atop the trophy were chosen to represent both the offense and the defense and make you wonder "did he get the pass off, or was he sacked?"
bulletThe small faceplate proudly bares the name of our trophy - Calvin Parrish Memorial Trophy!
bulletThe logo on the left side of the large faceplate is a modified version of the NFLWP logo also designed for our 10th anniversary.
bullet"NFL Weekly Picks Champions" indicates that only the overall winner of each season will have the honor of their name being added to the Calvin Parrish Memorial Trophy.
bulletFinally there is a slogan written that represents the overall theme of NFLWP: "Weekly winners are soon forgotten, but season champions live on as legends!"

Below is a picture of Shawn Parrish, our first Champion to receive the honor since the Calvin Parrish Memorial Trophy was unveiled:

Shawn Parrish (left) 2008 Champion and Stuart Whitaker (right) 2005 Champion

Our 2009-2010 season ended in a 3-Way tie! Jason Frisbee, Ken Parrish and Stephanie Parrish were our Champions!

Shawn Presenting 2 of our 3 Champions with our trophy - Ken and Stephanie!

Our 2010-2011 season ended in a 2-Way tie! Ken Parrish and Stuart Whitaker were our Champions! Ken Parrish became the first to win back-to-back Championships!!

Stephanie presenting Ken and Stuart with our trophy!

Our 2011-2012 season ended with Ken Parrish being crowned 3-Time Champ! WOW!!

Stuart presenting Ken with our trophy for the THIRD year in a row!!

Ken giving us his Heisman pose!



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