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We Say Good Bye to Another NFLWP Season!

Let me start off by confessing that I have been obsessed with the Olympics the past 2 weeks! I normally take a week before posting our final update, but this year I've been able to watch Curing EVERY NIGHT! So even though I'm confessing, I'm not sorry for being distracted :)

So let me start off by congratulating our Eagles Fans!! Been a long time Coming! What a great Super Bowl! I must admit that I thought NE was going to win, but as that game played out I found myself rooting more and more for Phi! We had a room full and I know we all were very excited to see the Eagles finally win the Big Game! Congratulations!

The post season play of Phi shot Dominic to the top of our NFLWP Post Season Challenge! Here are those final standings:

  bullet 1st - Dominic Scalfaro (8-3)
  bullet T-2nd - Ben Parrish (7-4)
  bullet T-2nd - Eddie Burgess (7-4)
  bullet T-2nd- Julie Parrish (7-4)
  bullet T-2nd- Julie Whitaker (7-4)
  bullet T-2nd - Scott Goodman (7-4)
  bullet T-2nd - Stephanie Parrish (7-4)
  bullet T-8th - Ken Horton  (6-5)
  bullet T-8th - Becky Parrish (6-5)
  bullet T-8th- Earl Long (6-5)
  bullet T-8th - Jerry Parrish (6-5)
  bullet T-8th - Ken Parrish (6-5)
  bullet T-8th - Steve Parrish (6-5)
  bullet T-8th - Todd Whitaker (6-5)
  bullet T-15th - Gary Fields (5-6)
  bullet T-15th - Rob Miller (5-6)
  bullet T-15th - Shawn Parrish (5-6)
  bullet T-15th - Stuart Whitaker (5-6)
bullet T-19th - Cody Carr (4-7)
  bullet T-19th- Jason Frisbee (4-7)
  bullet T-19th- Steve Battenfeld (4-7)
  bullet T-22nd - Haley Wherry (3-8)
  bullet T-22nd- Trey Briggs (3-8)

Congratulations Dominic Scalfaro for winning our 2017-2018 Post Season Challenge!!

At the end of our Regular Season, Scott was sitting on the Throne with a 2 game lead. Well, he was able to keep that lead through our Post Season Challenge! Great Job Scott!!

 Here's how the rest of us ended our 2017-2018 season:

  bullet 1st - Scott Goodman (183-84)
  bullet 2nd - Eddie Burgess (181-86)
  bullet 3rd - Steve Parrish (177-90)
  bullet 4th - Todd Whitaker (176-91)
  bullet 5th - Ken Parrish (173-94)
  bullet T-6th - Becky Parrish (171-96)
  bullet T-6th - Dominic Scalfaro (171-96)
  bullet T-6th - Stuart Whitaker (171-96)
  bullet T-9th - Cody Carr (170-97)
  bullet T-9th - Stephanie Parrish (170-97)
  bullet T-11th - Jason Frisbee (169-98)
  bullet T-11th - Jerry Parrish (169-98)
  bullet T-13th - Julie Whitaker (167-100)
  bullet T-13th - Trey Briggs (167-100)
  bullet T-15th - Earl Long (166-101)
  bullet T-15th - Rob Miller (166-101)
  bullet T-15th - Shawn Parrish (166-101)
  bullet 18th - Ken Horton (165-102)
  bullet 19th - Gary Fields (158-108)
  bullet 20th - Steve Battenfeld (154-113)
  bullet 21st - Haley Wherry (152-115)
  bullet 22nd - Julie Parrish (142-125)
  bullet 23rd - Ben Parrish (118-149)

Congratulations Scott Goodman - our 2017-2018 Overall Champion!

Once again the year's Biggest Loser is Ben Parrish! I think he likes wearing the NFLWP Dunce Cap!

With that our 2017-2018 NFLWP Season has sadly come to an end. Thanks for another fun and successful year. I look forward to starting a new season with each of you soon!

Don't forget to use our Facebook Group to share your wisdom, or to defend your team! And remember, ESPN frequents our Facebook Group to get ideas for Sports Center - so be sure to include your name on all posts so they can know who they are quoting come air time :-)

Scott Goodman!!

You will have to wait a little while to make your HOF Picks, But the 2018 NFL Combine starts in a few weeks and the 2018 NFL Draft is April 26!!

See You Next Season!!


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